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Hi guys, I have this problem.
When I render an image, I choose the directory, at the end of the process the png is not there. I tried to change the destination directory, I tried to reinstall the program, nothing, it processes but doesn’t save the render. Can you help me? I have an important job to start and these days I’m testing, trying to do it with d5 and then buy it, but if I can’t save it’s a problem.
Program Tips:

  • it would not be bad to have a management of the materials created that can be divided into types, to be able to create folders.

Hi there,

  1. Could you please record a video of this issue?
  2. May I know what’s the language of your windows system?
  3. Please download and save this file in the installation directory of D5 Render, then double-click, will create a file named" D5log.7z", and send it to me

my email is

Thank you very much

sorry if I answer you only now.
The system is in Italian
I am sending you links of 2 videos.
The first is the render … it’s not there

the second is the file I downloaded … nothing is generated

Graphic card > GTX1080 8Gb


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no answer, no solution … thanks

Sorry we failed to access the link, could you please share it as a public link? If it’s not convenient for you, please dm me or send to my email directly