Noble interior

What about this?


super realistic! I like Image7 best.

Very nice work! it is well done, modeling (Is it sketchup?), applying textures (are the textures from D5?) and also lighting and composition (Can you share Sky and Filter tabs screenshot?)

Best regards!

Modeling: 3DsMax
Texture: from D5 and mine
Sky: D5 HDRI

Big work i do in Ps


Thaks for reply Naz!!

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really nice render. can you tell what is the height of the scene on the Z axis?

i mean this:

It`s pivot point height. You can change its location in the program in which you made this model (SUp, 3Max etc.)

i know what is it. i just asked what value on Z did you use for this specific scene

i used 1.6

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would you like to sell this project? with psd and all textures included ofc

I would love to but I don’t have psd. And I don’t know what it is ofc