Not being able to scale a displacement material from the asset library?

D5 Render Version:
1.8 /1.9 - I cannot find how to manipulate the scale on both versions.

Graphics Card: RTX 2070

Driver Version: Not sure its driver related.

Issue Description:
I am not able to scale a material with a displacement from the asset library.

Screenshots/Videos Description:
#1 Imgur: The magic of the Internet
#2 Imgur: The magic of the Internet

Steps to Reproduce (optional):
Just add a displacement material to some surface.

Hi Tekno23, thanks for posting. Try adjusting the X and Y Stretch higher in UV panel.
For reference: UV and individual UV
From the pictures you posted, I think the X Stretch number should be much bigger than 0.5(50+ or even 100+ ), also make sure the Normal parameter is 1.

If the problem remains, feel free to post back.


Hi there Oliver,

Thanks for your reply.

I am attaching a short video that is showing that the X and Y Strech parameters do not affect the map when moved to 500. Also when I open the map there is no UV and individual UV.

Here is the video: Recordit: Record screencasts fast & free! with GIF Support!

This only happens when I am on Displacement maps. When I choose “Custom” everything is working fine, but I don’t have Height maps anymore.

Awaiting your reply and thanks!

Hi Tekno23,

Thanks for the updates. We try to repro but with no success. Please share with me the model file and we will do more tests to narrow down the issue cause. My email is
It would be good if you can share with me the whole scene file(the folder which contains the .drs file) as well.