Origin point of imported WCS objects

I see a big problem when D5Render modifies the point of origin of an imported object, disregarding the original point of origin (WCS) of the object, starting to use a midpoint in the imported mesh.
This makes it much more difficult to combine several imported objects in the same scene, as when we want to show the steps of a construction.

I believe that there could be an option in the import window to keep the UCS or not


see “Coordinate system” topic in Ideas&Request

This haven’t been fixed yet and it makes the software unusable for our team as we need to coordinate geometries from different models.
Having an option to insert a model based on their original WCS should be a high priority in the development of this software.

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I imagine that D5Render, should respect the “UCS World” point of origin of the imported objects, these values would be assumed as “UCS Object” within D5Render, for the cases where we need to do position, rotation animations, etc. inside D5Render, Guizimo must assume this point as “UCS Object”, so we can animate, for example a Ferris Wheel that is out of line with the “UCS World” of D5Render. Or that among the properties of the imported object, during the process of adjusting an animation, I have the option of switching between the orientations of “World and Objetct UCS”.

Hi, try multi-selecting those objects you need to align, then click this button:

It will apply the original UCS to those items in D5.


Hello Olever.J
This button only aligns the various objects in the same coordinate as the first selected one. He does not have the option of changing the coordinates of an object. Am I right?

As an example of what I am talking about, in the challenge of animating this ferris wheel, which is out of alignment in relation to the coordinates of the D5Render.

  1. I could import the wheel separately and lying down, to have the axis of rotation in the center of the wheel.
  2. Next, I would put it upright, but when adjusted in the position on the support, there would be no way to do the animation, since the coordinate axes would be at different angles.

Hi Rodrigues, you thought is right. I did a search and found the request has been delivered to the product team and we are planning to add the feature in future.
Thanks for your patience,