Por Que mi RENDER se ve sobreexpuesto?(imagen quemada)

cuando renderizo la imagen PNG se ve quemada o sobre expuesta (cargue el demo de living room sin modificar nada) igual se ve con otros modelos…ayuda!

(asi se ve)
(asi deberia salir)

instale y reinstale el programa y cuando renderizo la imagen final se ve como una fotografía sobreexpuesta

help please

Hi there,

Thank you for your reply.
Please be very kind to speak English here.
Does the issue happen everytime when you render an image, or just once?

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i had similar issue with OLD CPU which does not support SSE 4.1

but not receive any feedback

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thanks for your reply
The problem occurs every time I render an image with new projects or with the Demos, but when making an animation video the image in general is correct.