Problem: cant load sketchup model

been kept stuck at the loading screen, it does not seem it loads the model at all i have download DirectX_Repair-V3_9.7z but no loading!.. any reason why?

Hi there,

Please download and repair it from the link below. Then restart D5 Render. Thank you very much

the problem has not been solved
DirectX Repair OL - International 11_05_2020 13_15_59

Hi there, same problem here. On first run after install it loads the skp file but if I close D5 and open it again on skp loading it stays at 0%. If I reinstall D5 it works again and then on next reopen it fails loading skp files. Tried the DirectX repair mentioned above but it worked only once, then again the same problem appears.

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May I know what’s your graphics card?

Hi and thanks for the response!

It’s an RTX 2070 super.

I was just about to add noticing that opening a D5 project directly (by double click on the .drs file) works fine and the embedded skp file is loaded too, while trying to open same project within the welcome screen results the loading failure. Hope this helps…

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May I have your logs files from your computer?
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Thank you very much