Problem First start. DDLs missing

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Hello, i’ Ve download the latest version of program but when i try to start compare the message “DDLs missing” , i’ ve try to solve like write in the old post but unlucky can’t work…can you help me please?

Hello @Giac ,
Please refer to Got notification of "Launch failure might be caused by system DLLs missing, try to repair it automatically?" or stop loading at 0%

Hope it helps.

Hello, I tried to repair the dlls but it still doesn’t work. When I start the program with an empty file it stops loading at 0% and to exit I have to use the task manager. To try again then I have to restart the pc otherwise it won’t even load it. I downloaded directx repair but it doesn’t work with that either … I don’t understand why other rendering programs work without problems (octane render, unreal engine 4, etc …).
please help me. Thank you

Hello @Giac ,
It may be caused by incomplete file download
It’s recommended to turn off the antivirus software and then re install D5.

Hello,i’ve try to put off the antivirus and re install the program but no work…
attachment the file log with the error and the screenshot launcher file…
Thank you