Randomize UV

In order to improve the realism of rendering textures on architectural objects, we really need to randomize UV on surface (like UV Randomize in Corona). Otherwise the textures are repeated identically, and it’s absolutely horrible. Of course you can do it in the modelling software but it is really tedious. I can’t use 3dsmax export without this because instanced object (frame, floor panel, concrete facade panel, etc) have the same UV.


Yes I agree - that would help adjust the texture. I had a project where I had to apply a brick texture on a curve brick arch under a railway. I could not adjust the UV texture in D5 to match the curve. I did apply this in Sk with a plugin tool Thru Paint from Fredo and it look correct but it does not show it correct in D5. This will be a nice to apply this correctly.


Hi there,

Thank you for the suggestion.
Well noted and forwarded to the product team