Scene lit with no light sources

Light sources do not seem to work correctly. Performed tests with completely indoor scenes that receive no lighting from HDRI or the “Sun.”

The problem is that after tuning off visibility or even deleting a light source, the scene continues to be lit. One potential fix is to move the whole model somewhere else, after which it once again becomes completely dark. Adding a light source once more causes the same problem.

D5 Render Version:
Graphics Card: GTX 1080 Ti
Driver Version: 456.71


The same problem

Hi there,

Please try to move a little bit, to see if the light source is off. Usually, it takes some time on GTX card.

I have the same thing and nothing changes
rtx 2070

Keeping the scene still, and even generating a render still has the scene lit with no light sources.

The only way to get the scene dark again is to move it’s coordinates (in sketchup or d5, both work), or save, close, and re open. Regardless of which method is used, the problem still comes back.

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Any updates on the situation? Any more users experiencing the same?

More testing reveals extra inconsistency. Leaving the viewport still, and sometimes the “phantom” light/illumination seems to become more dim.

This may be related to auto exposure, as using manual exposure produces different results. At 0 EV, the scene is almost completely dark, but some faintness remains. Raising the EV higher reveals more “glow” as if some materials are self emissive when they shouldn’t be.

Very frustrating

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Any further input from the D5 team? Why not ask some of us for project files and attempt to replicate?

Hi, it’s a known issue we are still fixing, and sorry for the inconvenience. As a workaround, please try turning off Realtime when in Preview mode( on the right-top corner), then move your camera to see if it will work.


Thank you for the reply. Nice to know that the issue is acknowledged and aware of. I will try and see results with realtime turned off, but I don’t expect any magic. Last I remember, the phantom light source affects the final render.