Scene loses imported objects, materials and coordinates

D5 Render Version: Last version
Graphics Card: RTX 2060
Driver Version: 457.51

With the latest update it happens more and more often that when the file is reopened in D5, important objects become invisible, transparent.
To solve the problem I am forced to reload the object. However, when I reload the object it loses all the materials and / or changes coordinates so in practice I am forced to do it all over again. It is a very serious bug, I hope it will be fixed soon.
I attach screenshoot where you can see the selected files that are invisible and the reloaded files that have no material, all becoming white

Hi antonio,

Sorry for the inconvenience, and could you open D5 then click Help(on the ribbon)->About D5 Render, to let us know the specific version number?
Also, I would like to know whether the missing material is from D5 Material Library or your custom d5a?


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The precise version is:
Both objects that become invisible and materials that become all white are personal, not coming from the D5 library

Ok antonio, are the inserted objects saved in local hard disk or an online place?

If the former, try the following steps to help us investigate the issue:

  1. There are two folders named “Logs”. Please compress them and send to, which can help us know the issue better
  • Win C: “%local appdata%\d5_immerse\Saved\Logs”
  • Installation Directory of D5 Render: “D5 Render\logs”
  1. Please compress the scene file(the whole folder saved from D5 Render, including .drs, asset, model, etc. and send it together with the logs.

If the latter, the objects are saved in online space, please move them to a local place then insert in D5 again. Currently D5 doesn’t support custom materials stored in online place.


I use files from my hard drives, not from the cloud.
I sent the email with the logs files

I have the same issue, how to fix it?

Hi, I am afraid that we could not narrow down the issue cause if we don’t have that certain project file. We have done some tests but cannot repro the issue. And the only suggestion I can give is to check your file path. If the file name, folder name or file path is too long, it may influence the calculating process. ( I noticed it from another case)

Please share us some details, and package the whole scene file( the folder which has .drs file), send it to

Best regards,

Same problem. It’s a good thing I’m saving projects in separated files, not overwrite. So the previous file is OK, all the objects are ok and material, but in the next saved file the main building .fbx is missing

this is the previous progress

before while working it was ok, but after saving and closing then againg opening became like this
All the project files saved in LAN server, the prev and the last

I solved that, I just merged the the previous saved project files and the last
Now it’s OK

You are welcom :slight_smile:

this is the project itself if it helps

wow, good job! Could you tell me how you merge these files? :laughing:
Thanks in advance~