Share your Opinions and Requests about Material

Please describe the following requirements in detail:

  • List the category of the material what you want to require.
    Please create a new thread about special needs in the certain category or if we missed one.

  • List the styles of the material what you want to require.
    Please give a sample such as pictures or links to show more details.

  • List the special requirements for the material what you want to require.
    Such as bump,color or displacement.

You can leave a message or reply directly in this topic.

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I’d like D5 to have a SILK material

and a VELVET one

thank you guys you’re the best!


Got it,thanks!

Will be on our incoming list.

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Leaf translucency effect

Fur material effect

Currently in the Material Editor there is no option to invert Displacement maps while other categories allow it.

Adding a second height map would be great, so that we can add both Displacement maps as well as Bump maps when creating custom materials.

Upgrading the ‘My Assets’ menu to allow for bulk import of materials, as well as user defined categories for sorting would be great.

Also, when saving a custom material, the name of the material defaults to ‘Default SU Material’ in the material editor despite re-naming it to something relevant in ‘My Assets’.

Got it,thanks!

Will be on our incoming list.

Larger oak floor boards

My humble requests:
-Separate bricks into their own category (now in the tiles category), as well as concretes, which are now inside of the paint category.
-Add a broader variety of plastics.
-Add an emitters category with different intensities.


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:+1:. Good ideias!

please, can you add some roof material? It’s really necessary for exterior render. With soma color variant too. Grey, brown, red or orange. Many thanks!

A simple way we can upload materials so we can share.
I have many materials which i would like to share with the D5 community. So a user library would be great.

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We have listened to lots of voice about this, Yes, that is on our roadmap.

Thanks for your feedback. Could you help to upload some sample pictures or links to illustrate more?

It has been updated in the corresponding category, and please check it out:)

Hey man, thanks for your great suggestions. Could you help to illustrate more about the ideas in the above quote? Some pictures and links are better.

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I am wondering if you could add the 3d displacement option, where the texture is coming out like real geometry. And also, a fur material would be great.