Share your Opinions and Requests about Model

Please describe the following requirements in detail:

  • List the category of the model what you want to require.
    Please create a new thread about special needs in the certain category or if we missed one.
  • List the styles of the model what you want to require.
    Please give a sample such as pictures or links to show more details.
  • List the special requirements for the model what you want to require.
    Such as material,color or Animation.

You can leave a message or reply directly in this topic.

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  • I would like a category of furniture.

  • I would like more vegetation materials and models of lively people.

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I want more people model like boy and girls for school.

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I would like more vines plant model assets, and options for them. Some different species would be good.

I would like to purchase new materials, new models of grass plants, where you can download directly Thank you?

I certainly welcome the model, but I need to focus on improving the rendering engine. of course d5 the render is very good, but still there are not enough effects yet … “I apologize for my translator”)