Skp source file

Hello there. I have question regarding source skp file of my projects. I noticed that some D5 files changed those original skp files to sub file named 1. This was not problem before because i could locate this sub skp file 1 in D5 project folder but now after last version i cannot find this skp file there anymore even through files are still named 1. I need to edit original skp file and reload it but i cant find it now.

original file that i used to create d5 file half a year back. Now its just named 1 as seen up here
Desktop Screenshot 2020.12.19 -

Hey David,

Theoretically, D5 does not change original skp files. If it happens to you, must be a bug. Could you record some videos of the issue? We’d like to follow the operation, which can help us reproduce the issue on our computer.

Thank you very much