Some ideas

Hi guys !
D5 render is fantastic but still missing some practical features for a better workflow. Suggestions:

_ choice of color picker like a square SV + H like in Photoshop
_ hex triplet ( #RRGGBB) color picker to get an exact value from an other 3D software
_ RAL and/or Panton colors
_ Sun matching to an HDR ( calculate sun position from an HDR)
_ equirectangular camera to generate 360° view
That’s all for now, I will add other requests later :slight_smile:

Best regards


A physical sky and sun system to get a real sky regarding the sun orientation instead to have a sun adding to a HDR.

Thank you for the suggestions.
They’ve been forwarded

Thanks ! :slight_smile:
Here some additional requests:
_ a separate panel for material/ light/ object settings, not in the 3D viewport. It obstruct the view. In some cases, you add a tree ( for example) and you can’t move it on the ground if it place behind the right side panel ( I hope I’m clear ^^ sorry for my english). Why not a popup panel like assets.
_ possibility to change the material of grass asset ( sometimes too dark, too shiny,…)
_ Ambient Occlusion option/button directly in viewport ( not only export as channel), as mulitply mode
_ Renders are not sharp enough ( 2K rendering with Free D5 render version, I’m planning to buy the pro version after some tests)

Best regards :slight_smile:

Received with thanks. Many points are already included for the upcoming 1.8 verison :smiley:

Sounds great ! Thanks :slight_smile:
An other one :wink: a shadowcatcher shader for simpler photo integration will be super cool !

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