Some issues on export and and a couple of questions

Hello there. Congratulations for the software that really look promising.

I noticed some bugs:

  • When I export a image using the preset sizes (2k, 4k), D5 doesn’t crop the render channels and saves files with bands of black pixels (see images attached).

  • The fbx import doesn’t preserve texture. Why can’t we import assets .skp format ?


  • How is possible simulate translucent material, like a curtain in front of a window ? With cloth preset and opacity options ?

Thanks and good job.


Hey Evilseraph,

Thank you for your feedback.

  1. We’re checking the export bug, will get back to you if we get result
  2. Fbx import doesnt preserve now. We recommend D5 convertor if you use 3dsmax and Vray.
  3. Please check out the last material in “D5 material library - cloth category” and the opacity can be customized on right side panel.


Hi there,

As for the first bug, may I have your scene file to help us reproduce the problem?(the zip file including drs, asset, material)
my email is -

Thank you very much