Speed things up

Hi there,
Will there be more rendering options in the future? Especially animations are giving me a headache and I really can’t see why.

As an example, setting the demo scene up for rendering using the povs provided, at the highest preview setting, I get an instant animation, smooth as butter.
When rendering a 4 second video, even after 15 minutes, I’m still at 20%.
(Using the latest drivers ofcourse).
Which is quite strange as a still render takes 10 seconds or so per image which is 5 minutes for 1sec/30fps meaning the above animation should only take 20 minutes.

It would be nice to be able to change some render settings. Maybe like the fps which is at…30? 60? (Even better: samples, denoising and so on). Or, what i prefer :-), let me simply render the preview animation. Which I think is needed badly so my customer can approve it before rendering on hours.

Hi there,

Thank you for your feedback. May I know, for this scene, how many faces in total and how many foilage you used?

Thank you in advance