Suggestion:Import sketchUp model into D5 with material propertities automatically

I have to assign materials in D5 render again after import SketchUp model, is there any way to make it match propertities between these two software ?

I can get sketchup material property easily by material name ‘keyword’ when I start Enscape, whatever I use ‘Metal’, ‘transparency’, ‘illumination’, Enscape know it and match the material property automatically. Hope it come true for D5 render in the future.

Hi Charles,

The properties are set by Enscape? We used to support it, but now we have had some adjustments, so the feature is not supported. We will take this into consideration.


Dear Oliver,

Thank you for your reply.

Maybe D5 render can create a text file for user customize it.

  1. Makes D5 recongize the keyword of material property. Ex: Wood, Chrome, Water…
  2. Create a text file for user customize it. Ex: ‘ModelMaterialName’=‘D5MaterialKeyword’ , then material name ‘Wood01’ will obtain the customize properties of ‘WOOD’ in D5.
  3. If material name exchange option is enable, the materials name will add the D5 Render material property when loading model,

Here is the sample video for Enscape:

Thanks in advance.

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Charles Tom

Oliver Jure via D5 RENDER FORUM <> 於 2021年6月8日 週二 下午6:15寫道:

“We used to support it, but now we have had some adjustments, so the feature is not supported.”

Hi Oliver

We also still work with Enscape (Sketchup) when things have to go quickly for the Workman, as well as for the employees for discussion
in order to have a quick clear presentation.

With such simplifications of “material keywords”, we save a lot of time with the different representations in 3D.
Especially when we have a chat and an explanation by mail or phone.

I think the D5 fan community will only realize it
if D5 Render is not used only for the client as a pre-project and then again for the next new project.

We render a lot, but not just for the client.
So that we can see the effect of our design ideas.
With D5 we will only work again with our final decision.

With such possibilities as “material keywords” it will be possible in the future to work only with D5 Render.


Hi dadi, thank you very much for this. We stopped the ens-material import feature because it was incompatible with other SU settings when syncing. And about the ‘material keywords’, I will share it with the product team. If possible, you could also share these details on, and our product team can read them directly.

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Thanks for the information #Oliver

Bros :metal:
please vote for the improvements D5 in the future
(and see Charles Tom video link)

Material keywords “Parameter changes”