Sun Location mapped to real world location


As an Architect we need the sun to be in the correct position relative to the real world for sun studies/designing for natural light/client images etc.

Currently the sun location options in D5 are arbitrary (unless I’m missing something).

See Twinmotion or Archicad for examples of real world sun setups, they have options to input the following, which then correctly locates the sun for the building project:

  • Project World Location
  • Time of Day
  • Time of Year
  • North Point Orientation

Many thanks!

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Hi jowet,

Glad to tell you that we have added the feature in version 1.9.0(Time of day, time of year, location and North offset)
Now the version is in preview tests and will be released soon.
Please wait for updates.

Have a nice day,

Perfect, thanks Oliver!