System dll missing

D5 Render Version 1.9:0
Graphics Card RTX2060:

help me please

Hi, have you run the Repair tool? Got a notification of “Launch failure might be caused by system DLLs missing, try to repair it automatically?” or stop loading at 0% - Feature - AnswerHub - D5 RENDER FORUM (

If the problem remains after you ran the repair tool, feel free to reply for further troubleshooting. Besides, what is your Windows version number?


I ran the repair tool, it didn’t work.

ในวันที่ ศ. 28 พ.ค. 2021 เวลา 10:03 Oliver Jure via D5 RENDER FORUM <> เขียนว่า:

I once met this issue too, I think after you run the repairtool, you need to restart your computer then see the result.

Microsoft Windows [Version 10.0.19043.1023]

ในวันที่ ศ. 28 พ.ค. 2021 เวลา 10:20 Kittanat Phuphairachaphong <> เขียนว่า:

I did not work.

ในวันที่ ศ. 28 พ.ค. 2021 เวลา 10:33 zzy0129 via D5 RENDER FORUM <> เขียนว่า:

OK, I did a search and found that your Windows version is in the preview channel? I read the release note, which said the update fixes some issues on DLL files, so it may be related to the problem you met.

  1. First, please send us two logs, to help us narrow down the issue cause.
    • “C:\Users\your username\AppData\Local\d5_immerse\Saved\Logs”
    • Installation Directory of D5 Render: “D5 Render\logs”
  2. Please check the private message I sent to you, run the .exe file to see whether it can fix the .dll file.


Hi peez,

Any updates? We have noticed that some antivirus software may delete our .dll files, so if the problem remains, please try turning off antivirus software or adding D5 to the whitelist, then reinstall D5. Besides, it would be good if you could send me logs.

Best regards,