Testing Images D5 1.8.1 flat lighting / shadows / depth

Hi All,

I was wondering if any rendering experts can help - I am reasonably new to rendering and have spent about a week with D5 Pro version. The images below are the best I’ve come up with so far (just lightroom post production).

I find that my renders to look very flat, or game engine looking rather than the realistic looking renders I see on the D5 website in the galleries. I’ve tried many different lighting settings. Materials used are just from the D5 assets.

GPU is a GTX1080ti - the D5 working preview is quite muddy, and what is produced as the final render is a bit of surprise each time - do I need at RTX card to increase quality of lighting/shadows?

Any tips from the experts would be greatly appreciated!!


Hi jowet,

Your work is already really good. And GTX will accelerate rendering process and optimize using experience, but won’t change the rendering result. So I think you don’t need to change graphic card for high quality lighting, and maybe you can try modify some parameters( like the highlight and Exposure?)


Hi Jowet,
first of all, try to test the scene without texture and materials (activate Clay model), to see only a white model including the light and shadows. Make your perfect lightsetting.
Play with the sun, with and without hdri, just to understand and see the difference.
After a good result, turn off the Clay model and render the scene. A rendered image does produce better quality.
Good luck!

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Thanks for the tips! I’ll do some more testing and post back with the results