Three problems in a video sequence

D5 Render Version:
Graphics Card: RTX 3090
Driver Version: 461.72
Issue Description:
Screenshots/Videos Description: Clip003Previa - YouTube
Steps to Reproduce (optional):

I am in the middle of a great animation delivery project, we are excited about the possibility of using D5 Render.

When making one of the video sequences we found three problems and we would like to find a solution.

  1. The car has a small bump at the moment of the key in the timeline, at the moment when it reaches the top of the ramp and starts the part of flat terrain.

  2. The flowers that are in the central garden do not appear seen from a distance and will appear as the camera approaches.

  3. During this video sequence the vegetation flashes (image updates are made), apparently it is the compression system adopted.

Please, is there a solution for these cases?


Hello @Rodrigues ,
Looks very abnormal.
To help us locate the problem, May I have the scene file? the whole folder saved from D5, including drs, asset, model, etc. Please compress and send it to

Thank you!

Having a similar problem with a flash glitch that happens between 10-15 seconds into sequences when rendered using the NVIDIA DLSS set to on. When i turn DLSS off and render the sequence there is no glitch. It looks like a bug in the DLSS system. The render is using the 3D people from the library, some of which are moving, but i cannot notice their sequence being linked to the flash/glitch. Any ideas?

Hi, when DLSS is turned on and the output video quality is above 1080p, the small structure in the scene may flicker. It is a tech problem we are still trying to overcome.
For now we kindly suggest you turn off DLSS and output the video, though it will slow down the rendering speed.


ok, thanks for letting me know Oliver,
best regards,