Unable to run the program


Greetings from India. I hope you all are doing fine.
I recently downloaded D5 Render from the official website and tried to install it in Program Files.
Although the installation was successful, when I double clicked on the application, It ran a detection test and ended up with a driver error.

However, my graphic card (RTX2070 Super) driver which seems to be updated.
I request anyone to kindly assist me with this issue.

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Hi there, may I know which version of your current graphics driver is?

Hi Jessie_Huang,

Thanks for your reply, my current graphic driver is
Version : 432.00
Release Date : 12/02/2020


But… you kind of answered your own question. If your driver is 432 and the program is telling you that it needs 436 and newer…What is your question? :smiley:
Go to nvidia website, input your card model and download the latest drivers. Or make Nvidia automatic detector make it for you. I am on 460.89 version and everything is fine.