Update threat / eset

D5 Render 1.81.0285:

While trying to install update trough aplication Eset NOD32 antivirus software claimed threat found: URL/Urlik.E and disconnected service.
That’s not a virus but kind of phishing service… For this time I’ve downladed new version and reinstalled.
Please verify if you can remove this service it in order to allow update instead of fresh install from download.
Please fins enclosed drive links to snapshots


Hi Miro,

After seeing your post I did some search, and I think the blocking rule of ESET sometimes is so strict, specifically for foreign ISVs, that many software products once have been blocked by it.
Of course, we won’t have a virus or phishing service in our update package, probably ESET considers our server unknown or unsafe. Therefore, I would kindly suggest you turn off real-time monitoring or add D5.exe to ESET white list, then it won’t stop you from updating next time.
(the google drive sharing link seems not working)

For reference, Anti-Phishing protection | ESET NOD32 Antivirus | ESET Online Help