Video driver crashed and was reset

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Hi Sumeth,

First of all, it would be very nice if you could provide the info as required when reporting an issue.

As for the issue, please kindly try:

  • Run as Admin

When getting the notification of graphics card crash, please close D5 Render and try the following steps:

  1. Right-click on the “D5 Render” icon, and select “Run as admin”
  2. Close D5 after entering the welcome page
  3. Restart your PC
  4. Start and use D5

  • Check and upgrade the graphics card driver

The latest version 460 is reported to be unstable, and easily get crashes when rendering. It’s recommended to install version 457.51 and try again.


Thank you very much.

I have found installing more memory from 16gb to 32gb avoids crashing and the error message.although this can be an expensive option