Weird Artifacting/Reflection over-positioning


D5R Software Version (Free Version)

Im writing this time to show up something that has been happening to me during my practices, this particular image that im going to share, shows a random white square and also some of the reflections of the glass door (metal frame) to be more precise on top of other elements that are in front of that door, that for sure is a bug and an extrange behaviour of the software,

Will upload another Picture from the same scene, different angle though but same kind of artifacting without the white rectangle this time.

There is any kind of fix around that i need to be aware to evict this from happening? would be great to know for sure thank you very much in advance!

My setup configuration:
Ryzen 3900X
RTX 2070 Super 8Gb
32Gb Ram
NVMe 1Tb Samsung 970 EVO

Keep up the great work guys! Amazing software!


This bug has been solved in version 1.6.1, and it will be released soon!


For now , you can try to render more times,maybe can solve this issue.

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What actually fixed was what you said rendering many times until you are happy with the final result, is not adecuate to render up to 4 times until you got what you want, hope the 1.6.1 version where is fixed gets realased soon :wink:

Ideally you have to render just once and thats it.

Thanks for thee respond anyway, keep up the good work!

Hi, there! Thanks for your support! the version 1.6.1 will released at the end of this month,for now, the D5 office are still testing the new version and add some new function,to make sure the same issue will not happen again! Stay tuned!