Windows 10 Defender virus warning on su_to_d5render.rb

Hi there, installed D5 for the first time today, along with the Sketchup plugin for both SU2020 and SU2021. Immediately after installing the plugins Windows Defender (Win 10 1909) gave me a virus threat warning and quarantined both of the “su_to_d5render.rb” plugin files saying they contained the following:


That’s pretty concerning! Anyone else have this issue? I did try to reinstall the plugins and got the same threat detection.

Also why is D5 is installed under the user AppData Roaming folders not in the main Program Files folders? That’s also a bit concerning as it’s less secure.

Fyi, the SU plugins really need an uninstalled too!

That said, still looking forward to testing D5. The main app seems awesome. As a Enscape, Corona, and Vray user, I’ll really impressed so far! Very excited to see direct 3dm import support too!

Seriously?! Is there no support around here? Your plugin is being flagged as containing a virus!

I’ve rarely seen Defender have a false positive, unless it’s a sketchy software crack or something.

Not a good look, especially from a Chinese based company! Please respond.

Hi there,

Thank you for the feedback.
First of all, please check out Service Schedule from 6th to 18th Feb, 2021

As for the issue, we’ll check soon.

Have a nice day